Tuesday, November 25, 2008

9 months in, 9 months out

After living in bliss for the first nine months of my life, I can now say that living out in this concrete world of air and gravity is growing on me. Things really got great when I became mobile at 6 3/4mos while visiting my grandparents. Gramma made my red ball so enticing that I took off after it, not really knowing what I was doing. This led to sitting up fully on my own and a whole new world of entertainment. At first, I didn't really understand my new power of mobility, so I mainly used it to follow mom around. Then I discovered how I was actually in control of my toys and that I could manipulate them for my own pleasure. I thought that it would be nice of me to ease Mom into this transition, so I stayed out of a lot of stuff, ignoring everything above eye level. Mom loved it! But one day I noticed the other world, the one above two feet high, and ever since I've been trying to join it. I pull up on most everything now a days, especially if it gets me closer to mom, I even go up on my tippy toes when I'm trying to reach interesting objects like the Ipod dock and tissue box. I'm also cruising slowly and switching back and forth between close objects. Mom recently hid my new favorite, the coffee table runner. It has these things called "choking hazards" that dangle off both ends and Mom says they are a no-no. That's also so a new word I've been hearing a lot more of lately, "No". I hear it when I try to go into the kitchen, when I try to roll during diaper changes, when I try to play with all of the cords under Daddy's desk, and when trash cans are irresistible. One of these days I'll figure out what it means... I am sharing my piece of mind all the time now, and Mom and I love having yelling competitions. I use dada a lot when I'm with daddy to make them think I know what that means, but I also use it randomly throughout the day. I use mama when I'm sad, waking up in the night, or hungry... so I obviously know what that means. Mom seems to think that I might even be getting her word, "more," but I say it more like "mmmmo!" I have four teeth that I use to chomp into Mom and Dad, I think that's what they're for. I also have discovered my favorite cereal thus far, oatmeal! I can eat a ton of it! I also eat peas, broccoli, chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, tofu, blueberries, brown rice and millet cereals. Mom's gonna get me weighed on the first to see how hefty my britches are getting, I'm wearing 18mos clothes the best, 12's are a little tight and 24's are too long. Ya'll know what comes next... walking! I'll keep you updated...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hide and Seek

I found this great hiding spot just beyond the edge of my blanket the other day... unfortunately,my ninja skills are not quite up to speed and Dad caught me before I could go incognito.
What? You'd hide here too if you could fit....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woke Up Blue

I went to bed the other night and my playroom was as it has always been, pale and pasty beige. When I woke up this morning, it had changed colors. Mom and Dad mentioned something about "touching up" parts of the blue so they set me up in my own recliner with plenty of things to occupy my time while they were busy. They put a lot of effort into making sure I was safe and that I could reach several toy options by surrounding me with pillows. It turns out that the view out the slider window with the fan blowing the blinds just right is much more interesting than any show they could have put together. I guess I'm cool with the whole blue walls thing, especially because they put more stuff on the walls for me to look at too. They say its not quite finished but I sure am enjoying the upgrades now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jameson "Consistency" Blair

That's right folks... I live up to that middle name too...
On Tuesday, I took 3 45min naps, the day's events kept me up and interested enough to not whine about being tired
On Wednesday, I took 2 45min naps and a third 2hr nap, and a 20min bike-ride nap
On Thursday, I took 3 45min naps and a much needed, yet hard fought, 4th
Today we are going to visit my Mamaw in IN. Mom and Dad have their entire day planned around my "consistent" nap schedule. For example, Mom said leaving at 10am would be perfect because I will have just awakened from my first nap and I will be fed and happy.... but it's 10 oclock now and I'm still sleeping...
Consistent I tell you... at least at 6:45am...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rings and Things

New Tricks at 16weeks

While we were in Cali, I decided to try out some new tricks in order to impress all of my admirers. I began showing serious signs of rolling over from my back to my tummy. I started by arching my back, looking at things beside me and above me, and twisting my torso. Then one day, it just kind of happened, right off the couch and into grandpa Blair’s arms… he was supervising and decided to watch and see if I could do it, well, I showed him! Now that we are home I have fully mastered this skill. I even do it when I don’t want to, like when I’m protesting a nap, nothing makes me more mad than winding up on my tummy. I can only roll over my left shoulder right now so I have become a left side sleeper. It freaked mom out to find me sleeping on my tummy one morning nap. I also rolled once, and very much accidentally and to my surprise, from my tummy to my back. It really scared me so I haven’t purposely tried that one again yet. Another new trick that mommy loves for me to perform is my laugh. I’m very stingy with right now, showing it off only at random times when she least expects it. I don’t even give her the joy of letting her provoke it out of me, only big grins go towards her heroic efforts. For the time being my Mr. Bear toy is uninteresting since it restricts my rolling motion and I would much rather chew on rings or plastic keys. I’m also trying very hard to reach for things, but my neurons just aren’t firing on the same page yet, my arms go every which way when something catches my eye. Anything and everything are game for slobbering on, especially my fingers or mom and dad’s shoulders. I’ve also decided, well, mom decided… that its time for my own sleeping space…. Something about when I wake up next to her there is no going back to sleep without a nursing, even its only 5min. So to my crib I went, begrudgingly of course, and after the tears of learning that I can fall asleep and stay asleep without mom, or rocking, or my paci had passed I am now sleeping more at night and only whining about my daily naps. I still am a happy boy who is very happy to see my mommy when I wake up. I have more shots scheduled for Monday morning, we’ll see how much I’ve chunked up, mom thinks I’m well over 16lbs. I’m gonna talk to the doc about not starting solids, I’m pretty sure I convinced mom that I’m not ready when I gagged on a very small bite of mashed up pear the other day…. Mom says we’re not ready for that mess quite yet anyways… Well, I’m off to another nap, still enjoying 4 of those a day at roughly an hour a piece, maybe mom will take me outside in this beautiful 80degree weather when I wake up~

My cousin Caleb couldn't believe I could do all those things!

Card Shark

While I was hanging out at my grandma and grandpa Blair’s last week I learned a new game called “Hand and Foot”. It was really fun being passed from lap to lap whenever the turn came to my holder. I got to see everyone’s cards and create my own strategy. Eventually, I won of course!